iPod Shuffle Guided Tour

Shorts | Sep. 25, 2009

The new iPod Shuffle is now even easier to use. Control your music with just a few clicks.

This is a con, right?

Blog | Sep. 24, 2009

First, it was an ad on internet radio. I held this na├»ve notion that the company recruited from the best and brightest of our nation’s talented and skilled people, but then when I saw this banner ad on YouTube:

CIA ad

CIA ad

I figured the CIA must have significantly lowered that imaginary bar because what this ad says is, “Say, you like funny cat videos, have you ever thought about working for The CIA State Department?

Today, I listed FML memes that need to stop

Blog | Sep. 9, 2009

“Today, an old/fat person hit on me. Here are the lasciviously embellished details.”

“Today, I was having sex with my boyfriend, and he stopped to make a reference to a video game.”

“Today, I mistook a woman for a man.”

“I texted the wrong person.”

“…and then everyone pointed at me and started laughing hysterically!!!”*

“…thought it would be funny if…”*

“Today a stranger addressed an aspect of myself I am insecure about. Loudly and publicly.”*

“My car was destroyed, after being mistaken for one belonging to a mistress. I am not sexually active.”

“A widely-believed urban legend actually happened to me. No, really!”*

“I accidentally ate poo.”

“Today, I got hit on by a stranger. I mean mugged.”

*did not actually happen

It was Nuggit

Blog | Sep. 8, 2009

From the murky depths of my childhood, I dimly recall something so unusual, something as inexplicable as a transformer that turned into a rock. It befuddled my child’s brain that something made of metal and — I assume — plastic and tubes was simultaneously also made of stone. I wracked my memory trying to think of where I’d seen it before. No, it was too stupid to be a Transformer, and it couldn’t have been just a regular action figure. So it was when reading The 8 Redeeming Qualities of Gobots at Topless Robot (the only blog I seem to read, really) that I found that misconceived Gobot I remember one of my friends (or maybe a classmate?) had: his name was Nuggit.

Incidentally, even as a kid I remember the Gobots’ designs being particularly lazy. Take Cy-Kill for example. When he’s a motorcycle, he has a chrome engine attached to his abdomen. When he’s a robot, it’s gone. Where did it go? We’re supposed to assume it just disappeared? It’s a third of his body!