Comic Book Mom

Blog | Jul. 7, 2009

Is there something about becoming a mom that requires you to be lame? Is everything about sharing and caring, playing nice, and other Pollyanna concerns?

I was at a parking lot sale at Hi De Ho the otherday. A mom was talking with one of the collectors pawing through comics:

“Is there a website where comic book collectors can go to share comics, just to read?”

The comic book collector must have returned a nonplussed stare before returning to his chore.

“…because I think that would be a good idea!”

Yes, there’s nothing comic book collectors love more than sharing their rare collectibles through the mail with parties unknown.

To answer your question, na├»ve mom, there is a place where comic book collectors can share comics “just to read”.

It’s called bittorrent.


2 Responses to “Comic Book Mom”

  1. jen says:

    I’m all about not sharing, and being mean

  2. Tim says:

    Ah, you sound like a true comic book collector!