Home Theater Alchemy

| May. 19, 2009

Now that I have my home theater setup (…er, mostly), it’s time for me to find the right set of speakers. There is so much jargon in home audio I can’t pretend to understand it. But I went to How to choose the right speakers for your amplifier or AV receiver and feel like I was able to divine some truths. I think.

The optimal settings for matching speakers to a home theater receiver are:

Match Ohms and wattage from the receiver to the speakers, erring on the side of extra wattage from the receiver and higher Ohms on the speakers.

Ohms: speakers >= receiver (lower Ohms are better)
Watts: receiver = speakers + up to 10% (more watts are better)
Sensitivity: 87-93dB (higher dBs are better)


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  1. Try Pinnacle. I am a dealer now but only cause I tried them out and thought they were great quality for the price.