I maybe broke my website?

| Apr. 29, 2009

I’m trying to turn this site from an aimless, self-indulgent blog (redundant?), into what I originally wanted it to be: a place where I get shit done.

Step One was to move this roll of bellyaching and soft points off the front page and into /blog, where it rightfully belongs.

But I wanted to do it without breaking my precious, precious Google PageRank (of approximately zero), so I need to append my .htaccess file to redirect all my old blog links to my new blog home. Here’s how I think it’s supposed to go:

redirect 301 /2009/(.*)$1 /blog/2009/$1

Or something like that. Problem is it’s not working. Luckily, in the meantime, all my old links still work. I wonder how long that will last?

One More Song Not To Wake Up To

| Apr. 23, 2009

Highway to Hell – AC/DC

Choice lyrics: “I’m on the highway to hell.”

A reminder that my life is headed inexorably toward oblivion, or at least in the wrong direction.

There’s no tilde on the iPhone keyboard

| Apr. 9, 2009

Open Mobile Safari on your iPhone and try to type in this address: I’ll wait.

Did you get stuck somewhere after /? I looked in disbelief at both the alphabetical and numeric keyboard layouts to make sure I didn’t miss it, but sure enough, there’s no ~. While this isn’t a huge oversight, it may just be a problem for, say, a CS major who would like to access his account on a university web server. But they probably aren’t big iPhone users.

Myst for iPhone

| Apr. 8, 2009

Myst is coming to the iPhone! I also just realized my iPhone has more processing power than the LC III I first played the game on. Can’t wait.