Who’s #1? You are, Number Six!

Blog | Mar. 23, 2009

I recently had cause to re-watch The Prisoner because a friend of mine hadn’t seen it in nearly eight years and wanted to revisit the series. On the DVD cover was the slogan “no man is just a number” and she remarked on how that saying actually betrayed the intent of the series — a revelation that left me taken aback. To me, Number Six was never just a number, as he so adamantly asserted. He was a free man. But then I was reminded that in the final episode (spoiler alert!), it was revealed that the long-elusive Number One turned out to be none other than Number Six himself. He was a number after all.

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“Twitter also has very interesting data”

| Mar. 7, 2009

That’s one reason why I can’t take the article Why Google or Yahoo! should buy Twitter seriously. That and other gems like “Twitter offers a potentially superior signal to noise ratio than blog content.” Blogs are already fairly noisy as it is (ahem), but is there even a signal to be wrenched from Twitter? The case this author makes is that Google must(!) buy Twitter because its search is on the ascent. Does this mean when people are at lunch, their idle thoughts while killing time in the senate, that they’re waiting for the subway, and other ephemera the next big thing in search?

Also, who uses words like corpus, metadata, and grok in an article that isn’t full of new-media hot air?