Now I’m learning IP.Board. Trying to.

Work | Dec. 1, 2008

Unless I’m reading it wrong, IP.Board seems to be an odd mix of over-abstracted PHP objects mixed with simplistic late-90s web design. Where else are you going to load an object of class APIs so you can then instantiate another object and use one of its class methods just to add a <td> tag to your one-cell table of non-tabulated data? Especially when you should have been using a <div> in the first place?

As for IP.Board’s interaction with the database, what does $this->ipsclass->DB->build_and_exec_query( array( ... ) ) do that mysql_query() doesn’t? (Apart from confuse me?)

Their code is some of the most meticulously written, poorly-designed programming in I can recall seeing. IP.Board combines the precision and complexity of the space shuttle with all the grace of a rickety shopping cart.


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  1. Obediaday says:

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