Hey Cosmo, you suck!

| Nov. 27, 2008

Maybe it was Facebook. Maybe it was testing SMS code at my old job. One way or another my cellphone number ended up on a goddam Web 2.0 voice SMS social networking auto-dialer piece of shit website.

I had to call them back at 302-336-7401 and dial 3 to block all future messages. I hope they paid a lot of money for my number, since they just made a potential consumer into an enemy. You can block your own number, join your friends for a DDoS attack, or see an example of a copywriter who doesn’t “understand” the use of quotation marks at their lying shill of a website: www.heycosmo.com.


One Response to “Hey Cosmo, you suck!”

  1. Micaela says:

    That’s sad to hear tim. i bet your super duper to the max angry when this happen. I myself experience this too.. the mails are so damn irritating.