If only their tech support was this fast

| Nov. 12, 2008

Six months ago, I got fed up with the onslaught of spam I was receiving from my web hosting account with Hollister Internet. I called and emailed them over a period of several months demanding they fix this problem which always seemed to be “just a few weeks” from being resolved. Yesterday I got an email from them saying my tech support issue was moved to billing, which was odd for two reasons:

  1. They didn’t fix my problem, nor did they seem capable
  2. I had a complimentary hosting account

Fast forward to this morning when I am awakened by a phone call from them asking that I pay my bill or cancel. As I had given up on Hollinet and moved to a paid host back in July, I declined to renew my contract. When your price point is zero and you can’t keep customers, there’s something wrong with your service.


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