I’m rolling up a new character

| Aug. 10, 2008

Grant Morrison did it when he was 30 and I’m going to try and roll up a new character for myself this fall. According to D20 Modern rules, a character past third level can multiclass, so I’m going to freeze my 5th level Programmer class and start over as a first level Animator. It sucks to be starting over at level one, but I was wasting all those experience points on skills outside my class anyway (Perform: Stand-Up???), so at this point changing classes would just be easier.

So far I’m spending my skill points on Photography, Animation, and Music Theory. And one point in Disable Device, just in case. Below is my character sheet, in case you thought I had already put up the dorkiest thing imaginable on my site.

Character Sheet

When is a zero not a zero?

| Aug. 9, 2008

I recently reformatted a hard drive and these were some of the options OS X’s Disk Utility gave me.


Why not a 100-Pass erase of data? You would think that writing zeroes over your entire fucking HD would be enough to erase any data on it. Apparently not, which kind of undermines the whole binary data system if writing 0’s over your whole HD doesn’t actually delete the 1’s and 0’s already there.

I found God and he was me

| Aug. 8, 2008

It’s amazing how venturing out from the shitty little corner you’ve backed yourself into can change your outlook on life.

Three weeks ago, I had put up with too much, been shafted too many times and I had finally snapped. Last thing I remember was me picking fights with the Best Buy security over their store policies, with the hope of getting the police involved. An act my friend Jen referred to as “trolling irl”. Yes, this is what crazy people do.

Then after a week visiting my parents, I realized that Best Buy, the post office, the IRS, LA civil court, and Costco don’t matter, and I’d be wasting my day by spending it fighting with them. I have energy. I can spend it fighting windmills, seeding my world with misery, or instead spend it in ways that make me happy. Why not try that?

That was the attitude I had going to this year’s Comic Con — don’t let outside bullshit ruin your day, it shouldn’t be important enough to do that. That helped me weather the shitstorm of traffic, parking, lines, and all the things that made this year the worst Comic Con yet and instead let me just take in the good things that did happen.

One of those things was getting to hear Grant Morrison speak at one of the panels. Listening to him always makes a person feel unique and special, like we are all gods on earth, a reminder that we’re the architects of our own reality. No, I’m not going to shave my head and start speaking in a nee-intelligible Scottish brogue like some new-age convert to the church of Grant, but he put words to thoughts that I couldn’t. To wit: I had always thought The Invisibles‘ protagonist King Mob was based on Grant Morrison — but it’s Grant Morrison who’s based on King Mob. If Morrison wants to live as a character in his master work, he can do it. If he wants to dress in pinstripe suits, drive a Maserati and look to all the world like a super villain, he can do that too. He can change his life into what he wants it to be. We all can. We are the gods.

I realize I must sound like a born-again Christian — only without the christianity. I feel so changed by these ideas that I want to share them with everyone, which I realize must make me incredibly insufferable to be around.

A quick post-script: I met Morrison at a signing that weekend and got to tell him that The Invisibles changed the way I see the world. His face lit up with what I imagine was pride, then he told me that all this is God’s dream.

E411: I blew it out the god damn airlock.

Emergency 411 | Aug. 6, 2008

When you find yourself adrift in outer space without a spacesuit, the first thing to remember is don’t panic.

Seriously, it uses up your precious O2 that much faster.

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I’m overthinking a 40 second cartoon

| Aug. 5, 2008

But on the plus side, I’m doing a lot of baking.

Space Suit

Dave Bowman: You see, something’s going to happen. You must leave.
Heywood Floyd: What? What’s going to happen?
Dave Bowman: Something wonderful.

Weak Nights is all new! Again!

| Aug. 1, 2008

We have a new website, lots of new content, and we’re all really excited that one of our new writers is a real live lesbian! (Weak Nights is already thick with gay men.)

Head on over our new site, unless you just came from there, in which case go back now!

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