timtoon.com will be offline for awhile

| Aug. 25, 2008

I’ve appreciated the hosting deal I’ve gotten from Hollister Internet all these years, but by now the deluge of spam has just been too much to bear. Maybe it had something to do with me putting my email address on my front page. Hrm. Also, my little blog has started to outgrow its original server space, which is why I’m moving my site to a new host. They won’t be able to beat Hollinet’s prices, but hopefully the new guys will be able to do something about the spam signal-to-noise ratio of <1%.

timtoon.com is a-changin’

UPDATE: Just as soon as I get my home internet working again. Thanks for that, Earthlink Verizon.


2 Responses to “timtoon.com will be offline for awhile”

  1. Siskita says:

    Farewell, fair Timtoon.com! Happy sailings to you on your trek across the Internet to your new homeland! May you find strong winds of 1’s and 0’s and land at your new server with grace and lots and lots of Gigs. /end trying to think of silly comparisons between the ocean and the world wide web.


  2. SuperHappyFunTimeRoundEye says:

    Goodbye sweet Hollinet, where Toon worked his little fingers to the bone as tech support!

    I’m completely surprised Hollinet still exists. Only in Hollister, CA could something as backwards as dialup still live and breathe.