Evolve how?

| Jan. 14, 2008

Trojan’s new ad campaign is entreating men to “evolve” by using their product.

How, um, do Trojan’s customers evolve when using a condom to prevent sexual reproduction effectively takes them out of the reproductive gene pool? If anyone, it’s the unwashed masses too dumb or impatient to use a condom that are taking part in any actual evolution — for better or worse. Maybe the people at Trojan don’t understand how evolution actually works?

If you really wanted to encourage condom use, why not use an obnoxious caricature of a pregnant teenager instead? That would at least save us one cute independent film with a teen as the smartest one in the room, so sassy and like, “pfft, whatever” while adults are left as a string of bumbling, one-dimensional straw men.

Now that would be a sign of evolution.


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